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 green fee 25 €

Club Regulations

Article 1 - Frequenting the premises and of the course
The premises of the Club are open to members. Guests of members are welcome to attend the premises of the Club, but the same person can not be a guest more than six times per year (they, in such cases will be considered non-playing daily members at no cost). The host member must supply the details of their hosts to the reception, who will then transcribe them into a special register. The Member shall be obliged to ensure that their guests enforce the rules of the statute and regulations and be the guarantor for their guests. Members of other Italian or foreign clubs may also have access to the club upon payment of green fees at the golf course, provided they are FIG affiliates or affiliated with the foreign Federation of competence and be able to document their position (in such cases they will be considered daily members).

Article 2 - Opening and Closing the Club
The opening hours of the premises of the club and sports equipment is determined by the Board of Directors and can not be waived by members and their guests not even by making arrangements with staff.

Article 3 - Use of premises and equipment
Members and guests are required to take the utmost care of the assets of the club and are liable for damages caused to the assets to the extent determined by the Board and subject to disciplinary action. Any damage caused must be communicated immediately to the Secretariat. To non-players is forbidden to enter the course during the competition unless as a player's caddy.

Article 4 - Staff of the Club
The staff at the club is responsible for the smooth operation of the services and is available to members within the limits of their functions; the relationship between the members and staff should be based on maximum correctness; any complaints, comments or appeals must be submitted exclusively to the secretariat.

Article 5 - General Provisions
a) In the premises of the club and the playing field gambling is prohibited.
b) Members are not allowed to attend the club if membership is not fully paid, the Board of Directors may give instructions to the Secretary to refuse access to the Members in arrears.
c) Members must park their cars in the areas provided and not in the internal pathways, nor the flowerbeds in front of the entrance, or where can constitute an obstacle, they must also avoid the unjustified activation of alarms sounding off; the whole area of the club it is prohibited to park campers, motor homes etc. used as such.
d) On the course, the Members and guests are required to wear decent clothing and appropriate to the place and the circumstances, in particular summer shorts and tank tops are strictly prohibited.  Bermuda pants and shirts with sleeves and collar for players and flap sleeves for the ladies are allowed. Violators will be called and will be barred from access to the course.
e) Smoking in prohibited where expressly indicated by appropriate signs.
f) The use of mobile phones is prohibited on the course, the phone will have to be switched off, with the exception of doctors and only for the needs related to their profession.
g) Access is permitted within the facilities of the Club (the Club House and the Restaurant) to domesticated dogs under the direct responsibility of the owner, but not more than one dog per person.
Pets must be kept on a leash at all times (with a short leash in order that they stay within a few steps of the owner) . The owner will be held responsible for the safety and hygiene procedures applicable (manure) .
The owners may be asked to have their dogs wear a muzzle.
If the animal creates a disturbance to players or guests who are within the Club facilities, the animal and the owner may be asked to leave the property.
The Club Secretary shall monitor the application of what has been written and will have sole authority to ask owners to leave the premises with their pets, and in the same fashion such authorisation is also granted to the Manager and his staff within the restaurant.
In any case during rounds of golf, neither the participants, nor their caddies, may be accompanied by any kind of animal.

h) The use of the saunas is not available to persons under the age of eighteen years unless expressly authorized in writing by the members who are the parents of the child, provided the child is also a member, to be deposited in advance at the reception.  This authorization must also contain the assumption of any liability relating to such use. In any case, saunas can be used only under your own responsibility;  the secretariat may ask members for a specific medical clearance to use the sauna.
i) the children of Members and guests under the age of eight may occasionally attend the premises of the club only under the supervision of an adult who will be responsible for their behavior; For Members and Guests under the age of two the supervision of a adult must be direct and continuous and with regards to the specific needs of their age these must be dealt with exclusively in the locker room or in the eventual infirmary.
l) It is the duty and best interest of every member to be diligent in eliminating any inconveniente caused by the failure of other members or guests to respect the rule of conduct, signalling such violations to the Secretariat in a timely manner or remedying the violation directly

Article 6 - Payment of services
a) The registration for competitions, green fees, driving range tokens and rentals of golf cars must be paid in advance to the secretariat who will then issue the relative receipt.
b) The Member shall be responsible for payment of all services used by their guests.
c) The accounts of the Members in respect of the Club shall be paid promptly, otherwise, one month after the date of service the Club will be entitled to collect the debt by means of bank receipt which will be burdened by any interest on arrears.
d) The accounts of the bar, restaurant and pro shop are to be paid directly to the respective managers, in the manner requested by them.
e) The prices of meals and drinks at the bar will be set at a tariff approved by the Board of Directors.
f) Golf lessons must be paid directly to the professionals in the manner which they shall determine.

Article 7 - Using the Club premises by members or third parties
a) The Board may authorize the use of the Club premises by the members or third parties for dinners, receptions, meetings or events, in exchange for the payment of a fee, as long as a written request is made in advance containing the number of persons involved, the date and time of use of the premises, and provided such use does not conflict with the proper purposes of the Club.
b) All permits granted will be posted on the bulletin board at least three days before the date on which the premises or equipment will be used for the authorized event.
c) Members and guests are required to comply with all additional internal regulations announced by the Board of Directors who will post the same on the bulletin board or render public in any other appropriate way.

The Board of Directors, through the Secretary and staff, will ensure compliance with the rules contained in this Regulation and activate the procedures laid down by the Statute in the case of violation of these rules.