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Sports regulations

Each player is required to know and comply with the rules of golf etiquette and the rules contained in the official brochure prepared by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews. These rules and regulations are published by the Italian Golf Federation to which Golf Dei Laghi is affiliated. Each player is also required to know and comply with the general and/or temporary local rules, issued by the Sports Commission and the general rules of conduct laid down in this Regulation.

1) Access to the course is for classified and unclassified players who have obtained specific authorization by the Secretary, granted following the approval of a professional who has evaluated sufficient skills and knowledge of the game rules and standards behavior on the part of the player. However, access to the course is allowed for beginners accompanied by a professional, within the limits of instruction necessities. The Secretary reserves the right to deny access to the course to playing guests who are not able to document the possession of a handicap and those who have not deposited the medical certificate required by the Italian Golf Federation.
2) Players under the age of twelve who are not classified, but have the authorization as outlined above, can only access the course accompanied by a classified adult that will be personally liable for their behavior.
3) In common interest, all players will have to avoid any kind of delay in the game; the benchmark for determining the possible delay is always the game before and never the one that follows; when searching for a ball proves difficult precedence shall immediately be granted to the game that follows without waiting the five minutes allowed by the rules before the ball is considered lost.

4) No player may make a stroke before all the players in the game before are at a safe distance nor while another player is in turn to play.

5) When the play of a hole is finished, the green must be immediately vacated and for this purpose the bags and trolleys are always left on the sides of the green towards the start of the next and never in front of it.

6) Once a player has taken position on the ball no one should disturb or move or stand near or behind the ball or the hole, no player in the same group must precede the player who is about to make a stroke.
7) The order of play at the start of a hole is determined by the rule of honor; followed first by the player whose ball is farthest from the hole.

8) The precedence over the course for the matches not in competition, is adjusted as follows and must be respected and enforced by all players:

• Any game that performs a stipulated round of 18 holes takes precedence over the games that perform a shorter or different course.

• If a game leaves their place on the course, excepting for a break of no more than 10 minutes at the end of the first nine holes, or remains more than one hole behind the preceding game, the players must give way to the game that follows.

• If a group is delaying the group behind, it should invite the following group to overtake them.
• On Saturdays and holidays, four-ball games take precedence over two and three balls and the latter take precedence over two balls.

• On Saturdays and public holidays players who have booked a starting time with the reception take precedence over any other game.

9) Before leaving a bunker each player must rake the sand and eliminate all traces of his or someone else's passage and the strikes made, then placing the rake on the side of the bunker farthest away from the normal line of play; on the course, turf torn up by a player must be placed on the ground and pressed, and any damage caused to the green by the impact of balls must be repaired immediately and any further damage to the green must nevertheless be repaired before leaving.
10) The players and their caddies must avoid damaging the green by letting the flag dop as well as taking care not to alter the characteristics of the hole by trampling, moving the flag or leaning on the putter when removing the rod from the flag. Before leaving the green the flag must be carefully put back into the hole.

11) It is forbidden to practice on the course with more than two balls and, in any case in which the repetition of a shot, not justified by the rules, could in any way delay the play of the game which follows. Trial shots on the tee are prohibited; any testing shall be carried to the side of the tee and without damaging the turf and without delaying the game.
• Golf car owned by the Club: insurance coverage is guaranteed by the club. They can not carry more than two people and children under the age of 18 may not drive them.

• Personal Golf Car: do not have insurance coverage for the club, so their use is subject to signing, at the reception, a declaration whereby the owner takes all t responsibility.
• Conduction:
All golf carts must be conducted in accordance with:

a) the most elementary rules of safety.

b) the rules of courtesy on the course and avoiding disturbance to other players, particularly in the vicinity of the starting tees and greens.

c) the rules set for the care of the course avoiding sudden braking, restarting and changes of direction that may cause damage to the course.
Routes and stops:

a) in the absence of different provisions in this regard, the only golf car must travel the paths specially crafted.

b) In any case the golf car should follow the appropriate paths (car path) in the following cases:

- Near the starting tees 

- All along the holes  Par 3 and in specially marked areas of the course

- Between the lake and the green of holes 10 and 12

- Hole 14 between the road and the green

- The 100 meter stake is still the return point of the paths: it is therefore not permitted to approach the green with golf carts to a shorter distance.

The paths taken off the prepared paths shall be limited to the absolute minimum by minimizing the passages on the rough.

• Penalties:
Failure to comply with the criteria of good behavior described above and after the first reprimand, the penalties for offenders provide for the suspension from 1 to 7 days of use of golf cars and up to 30 days for recidivism.
13) For the protection of work areas marked as ground under repair or which are obviously such, it is forbidden to play in these areas, except for during the competition and as long as there is no express prohibition in the rules of the competition.

14) Any player or his caddy or assistant must avoid disturbing in any way the other players on the course, especially on the greens and at the departures areas; they must also diligently use the litter boxes placed at the start of each hole to avoid leaving any trace of its passage on the course.

15) It is not permitted to start the game from holes other than 1 or 10 except with the express permission of the reception which could be justified by special circumstances.
16) Access to the cours, putting green and a practice green is permitted only with spiked or other shoes specific for use for playing golf.

17) Games with more than four players are not permitted by the rules of golf,  except in exceptional cases that always require the explicit authorization of the Sports Committee or the reception.
18) The lessons booked with the teachers, if not cancelled 24 hours in advance must be paid.

19) Access to the driving range, putting green and practice green is governed by specific rules posted on the bulletin board, the violation of which is considered as equivalent to the violation of this Regulation.

20) The rules for registration for the competitions, the starting times and the provisions in the event of cancellation shall be determined by the specific regulations issued by the Sports Commission and posted on the bulletin board, which is an integral part of this rulebook.
21) At the end of each race, the score cards must be delivered to the office even in case of withdrawal, with a registration of NR, otherwise the player will be disqualified as provided in the rules of golf.
22) Without prejudice to the penalties resulting from the opening of disciplinary proceedings for serious cases, it is the faculty of the Sports Commission, in the case of violation of the provisions of this Regulation, to issue to the players a reprimand and in the event of repeated infringements, of inhibiting the player access to the location or practice facilities for a period not exceeding three days, regardless of the imposition of sanctions under the rules of golf for slow play, the Sports Commission, through the Committee and the secretary, shall be entitled to move the last game of those players that have been found to slow down the game.

23) The only persons authorized to give lessons on and teach the game of golf, are the teachers who are professionals recognized by the FIG and enrolled in the Italian P.G.A.
24) It is forbidden to practice outside of areas specifically intended for this purpose: the putting green and in the vicinity of the same it is forbidden to play with sticks other than putts except in the vicinity and in the direction of the flag intended for approaches.

25) In all areas associated with practice, clothing and footwear must comply with the provisions of the Rules of the Club, children under twelve years of age who have access to such areas must be constantly supervised by whoever is responsible.

26) It is forbidden to play and / or remove balls from the driving range outside of that as well as collecting practice balls already in use, after using the green for the practice approaches, each player should take care to turn up any pitch-mark , rake bunkers and press raised clods.
27) Subscription to the competitions closes without exception at h. 18:00 the day before the first day of competition, and when the competition formula does not include the extraction for the order of departure, the Member may express a preference to play with another member and one of the time frames given, such requests will be considered by the Committee within the limits of the general competition.
28) For subscription to events not cancelled within the day before it will be a mandatory obligation to pay the entry fee, if the cancellation is given at least one hour before the scheduled departure time, the member will also be subject to a "sports reprimand".  If this offense is repeated within three months, the Member shall be automatically inhibited from participation in competitions for the first weekend after.

29) It is in the interest and duty of every member be diligent in eliminating the drawbacks arising from non-compliance by other members or guests of the rules of conduct listed above, by promptly indicating the differing behavior to the reception.

The Sports Committee through the secretariat and staff, will ensure compliance with the rules contained in this Regulation and in the rules of etiquette and activate the procedures laid down by the Statute for violations of these rules.